Production Services

Production Packaging, Planning and Development

Our business plans come with a complete script breakdown, one line schedule and full line item budget to go along with a professionally laid out and graphically designed prospectus. Let our production team assist you in finding the top talent, both in front of and behind the camera, that will make potential investors take notice.


Filming Locations, Production Office Rentals, Sound Stages and Studio Rentals

The beautiful New England coast and historic cities and towns are sure to meet any location requirements and we will handle all the essential permits and permissions.

Whether it’s a single office or an entire building we can find you the best and most affordable space for your production.

We will connect you with our colleagues at area sound stages and studios, and help you work the best deal for your project.

New England also offers tremendous tax incentives that will give your project a financial edge. We will work with you from the very beginning to ensure that everything is in place to maximize the return from any tax credit programs available both state and federal.


Cast, Crew and Equipment Rentals

New England offers a large pool of on screen talent. We can set up casting sessions with area locals or seasoned performers from the Screen Actors Guild run by some of the best principal and extras casting directors around.

Let us take the guess work out of finding your local crew. Whether your project is union or non-union, we know the people that are right for your project.

With our established relationships with area rental houses, we can help you maximize your budget.


Other Production Needs

From catering to travel and accommodations to on the ground transport, we’ve got your production covered in the New England Area.


Post Production

From on-set and assistant editors to post sound editing personnel, your transition from production to post is staffed with the right people at the right price.


Accounting, Legal and Insurance

Finding the right attorneys, accountants and insurance brokers is crucial to the success of your production. Let us make the proper recommendations and referrals that will put your project in the best hands ensuring you meet all legal standards and requirements.


Client Projects – Producing Services, Line Producing, Production Management and Assistant Directing

  • Higher Power
  • By the Gun
  • Mary Loss of Soul
  • Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce
  • Self Storage
  • Celeste and Jesse Forever
  • Fixing America
  • Infected
  • Inkubus
  • Tricks of a Woman
  • Herbeast Comes to Life