Investment Opportunities

Why Film?

With markets in over 50 countries, film has revenue potential in areas beyond theaters that now include cable, satellite, digital terrestrial television, airline, DVD/Blu-ray, and the popular Video-on-Demand. Even when economic times are tough, entertainment thrives because people want to escape into the fantasy of film. By adding film to your investments, not only will it help you to diversify your portfolio with a high performing non-correlated asset but you will be growing an important societal industry by supporting the arts, creating jobs and stimulating the economy. In recent years many pension funds, private banks, hedge fund managers, private equity groups, and high net worth individuals and family offices started to follow suit and enter the movie business. By backing a slate of films as opposed to just one project and by gaining further protection through monetization of state tax credits and possible Section 181 benefits you can increase the upside of revenue streams. After five to seven years a film slate can bring 300-400% returns on capital invested.

Don’t Just Invest in any Film - Invest in Quality, Experience, Transparency and Privacy

Finding the right projects to produce can be difficult. Do the stories come alive on the page? Are the concepts fresh? The themes meaningful? Are they marketable? By telling us what you’re interested in we can tailor projects to your tastes, be it by genre, topic or packaging elements. Sometimes projects are not always driven by a financial return. Winning awards vs. High ROI’s for some is the draw. Some investors are interested in cause-based films or subjects that are near to their hearts. We want to make films that you are proud to be associated with.

We are dedicated to bringing the most creative and commercially viable films to market. Our team of Producers, Directors, Writers and other industry professionals are adept at maximizing budgets while still maintaining the quality that audiences expect.

Not only do we want our investors to feel comfortable that all the creative elements are in good hands but to also feel comfortable that they are working with a team they can trust. For us transparency and privacy for our investors is a must and we work hard to make your dreams a reality.